Hi! I’m Craig Gross

I enjoy creating fun, connecting people and launching products. I believe anything is possible and love instilling that belief in others.
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About Me

I am an author, speaker, and curator of rooms where people can share secrets, build relationships, learn new things, listen to experts, and create lifelong connections.

My work has been featured everywhere except Oprah. Places like CNN, FOX, ABC, LA Times, Time Magazine, and in the New York Times.

I host the “Craig Brain” podcast, and I am currently writing a book with the same name. I live in Southern California with my wife Jeanette, and my kids, Nolan and Elise.

About me

Craig Brain

Craig Brain is not your brain or my brain, but neither must unity be predicated upon uniformity. This is an invitation for you to take a peek inside the gross (pun intended), squishy, alien matter inside of my brain.

Enter Craig Brain

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