I Enjoy Creating Fun!

Sure, I also create products (or help others create theirs). I can get your dream shipped. I can build, launch, and scale your ideas. I can strategize about your business and coach you through implementation. I can help you develop a life plan. I can facilitate your mastermind. I can help you clarify your giftings. I can see big pictures, and I can get in the weeds.

If you ask me what I can do for you, the answer is – I think – quite a bit.

But I care more about the why.

The whyis my son’s sixteenth birthday and the bucket-list dreams that I want to help him fulfill, because we don’t have forever, but we do have right now. It’s springtime-Coachella-vibes with him and his friends, two-a.m. tacos at the Ritz, and dead car batteries. It’s our sneakerhead love and claw-machine prizes, worth every dime (plus some).

The whyis my daughter’s love for dance – both the grind of practice and the celebratory win – trophy-backed Bon Iver soundtrack and our memories at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It’s how much she loved squishies as a little girl and impromptu dances to Justin Bieber songs with her big brother.

The whyis hearing my wife say that she loves her life. It’s our nineteenth wedding anniversary costume party (just because we thought it’d be funnier than celebrating the twentieth), complete with alpacas wandering around the reception. It’s getting to build a life together.

The whyis surprise concert tickets, Sidecar Donuts, and annual poolside-conversation traditions. It’s Packer games and trolling friends who don’t know a single thing about sports.

The whyis giving people permission, is watching people break free from addiction, rediscover love in their marriage, and replace destructive, generational cycles of pain with joy and hope and freedom…

It’s watching you watch your dreams come true. It’s liberating people from the weeds we get stuck in when business, sales metrics, spreadsheets, and revenue become more important than life.

Sure I can help you…

So, sure. I can help you bring your product to market. If you have an internet-idea, I can get it out to the world. If you’re paralyzed by the possibilities, I can identify which option to pursue. If you’re confused about where you’re going or what you’re doing, I can help you build a mission, and clarify intent.

Need coaching? A website? A funnel strategy? Customer engagement ideas? Automation? A quick fix or long-term trajectory? A brainstorming session with an objective third-party who will tell you like it is?

Great. I’ve got you.

But ultimately, the “what” is fun and the “why” is freedom.

Let’s start building.


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