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*Craig Brain has come to an end but new podcast called “Questions Podcast” coming soon.

My friend Drew called me one day and said, “I need some Craig Brain.” I laughed at the title but within minutes registered the domain name. That is how my brain works. I hear something that I like and I immediately jump down the road to the product, brand, business, ministry, or project that is to follow.

I started journaling two years ago.
We talked that day about something he was wrestling with in his business. I gave him a simple, clear answer that I thought was obvious. It ended up changing a lot of things for him in the year to come. I then logged onto medium.com and signed up because after hearing about the platform, I was excited that the Craig Brain stuff I was thinking about writing would go on Medium.

I then went to a meeting and came back to 45 emails and everything else in my day. I got busy and didn’t think about Craig Brain again for several months.


I was at the spa in late December (December 20, 2018 to be exact, if you keep reading you will learn about my love for the spa) and I sat in silence in the jacuzzi. I felt like I got a message from the Lord that I took as a green light for this project. I don’t really think the Lord cares about my podcast, book, or my numerous domains I purchase. What I heard from the Lord was that I was ready to share some of the things that I have been writing down, praying about, wrestling with, and sitting with over the past two years. I had spent the last two years working on publishing everyone else’s content and felt like it was time for mine to come to life.

It is time to talk about some things that I care about and I have found clarity with. I am ready to talk about real stuff that has been up in my brain and it’s time to share some simple down to earth practical, real, compassionate, and sometimes offensive Craig Brain stuff.

I want to share for you, but really just for me.

I have written 13 books over the last 17 years but have not published anything in the last five. I didn’t know if I would write anything again. The publishing world really does suck. It is slow. It is old school and the way you have to write a book when you work with a publisher is really uninspiring.

In the last three years I have actually learned how to shortcut the publishing world and published over 14 books for other authors. Some of them have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. I gave an idea away to a friend last year that he never executed on so I thought maybe that is what I would do with Craig Brain.

I started journaling two years ago. The first year was all on my Iphone on the notes app. The second year was with a pen in a fancy journal I got at the mastermind I joined. I filled up three of them. What you are about to read, listen to, or watch is a collection of those writings.

I have shared some of these writings publically. Some ideas that you may have already seen turned into a project or a website. But other things I have not even shared with my wife, family, or friends. I never intended this to be anything but for me, but I have realized the power of what can happen when you share what you wrote in a journal with someone.

Yesterday I listened to Blake Mycoskie, the founder of Toms, share the story of how it all began. It started because of an experience that moved him, which he wrote about in his journal and then shared with his friend. His friend said someone needs to do something to solve the problem of kids not having shoes in third world countries. Blake answered that call and went on to create a half a billion dollar business. 

I don’t think anything you are about to read is going to turn into $500 million, but that is not the point. The point is the things I have written and been processing and thinking about over the past two years have taken me down a different path that I didn’t think was possible unless I had been journaling.

I am a quick start on the Kolbe if you know what that is. The thing that is exciting about this project for me is I am not sharing anything new. Most books that come out come about when the author locks himself in an office and is forced to meet a deadline and a certain word count in order to meet a deadline. Then, the author waits for a year for the publisher to release the book and then when the authors go to do interviews about the book, one tends to forget what the book was even about (at least I did).

These entries are reflections.

These writings were not forced.

This book was never pitched.

This book never had a contract, a deadline, or an advance.

My journals contain things that I don’t want to forget and so I decided to spend 2019 looking back at years 2017 and 2018 in my notes app and three journals to try and put thoughts on a page in a way that would have an impact on you like they did me.

I couldn’t do this without Levi. He is the younger brother I didn’t have growing up but would consider him one of my best friends. We can’t be more opposite on paper but share a lot of the same interests and passions and both have lost our fathers way too soon. He is a wordsmith and a poet, which are two titles that no one would ever give me. He also has been a big part of this journey with me and more familiar with a lot of these things, so I asked him to help bring this project to life.

That part was scary.

I uploaded everything in Basecamp, of course.

With his help we came out with some categories to try and organize these thoughts. The five categories are:

 On Balance & Being

 On Family & Friends

 On Marriage & Making It

 On Work & Workmanship

 On Life & Living It

In each category,  you will find between five to eight entries that seem to fit inside. Each Tuesday I will share the long form entry on my website, along with a video that will be lighter or shorter. A lot of the entries are long and my thought with some of the videos I would unpack a story or two or give a highlight or overview from the post. Throughout the week I will share some other clips throughout the World Wide Web from the journal entry and also make it available as a podcast, Youtube video, Facebook and can even post on myspace (if I can find my log in).

At the end of the year, or once we have edited all the entries, I will put this all together in a book and put a bow on season 1.

There may or may not be a season 2. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself as I told you this year was about reflecting and looking back, not jumping ahead.

There you have it.

That is Craig Brain.

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