Episode 22 – The Babysitter Club (How To Be A Responsible Adult)

My question for you – grown-ass-adult that you are – is: whether or not you’ve got a job that affords you the privilege of choosing your employer… are you capable of being a reliable employee?

Can you hit a deadline (without having to be chased down)?

Can you be counted upon to reach a goal? 

Are you disciplined enough to create your own? 

Do you need some sort of junior-level assistant who might be able to take on the grunt work that’s bogging you down so that you can scale your business?

Do you need to give your wife your calendar? 

Do you need to bust out a dictionary and check out what a calendar is?

It is possible to be a responsible adult. To set an alarm and get out of bed before you’ve hit snooze for a full hour. 

I joke about The Babysitter Club for “contractors, clients, and rock stars” because they’re/we’re often the ones who know the least about creating healthy rhythms in and from which to function. Frankly, no matter how put together or enviable those folks might look on Instagram, they’re often the most disorganized and least satisfied with the chaos of life, yet with little to no clue about how to change their circumstance, or get out of the ruts that have become Grand Canyons. 

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