It all started with a simple question.

“Don’t answer this right away unless you have an answer.
What does Craig Gross do better than anybody else?”


“I got it, I know how to get something started – and make it happen – better than anyone else.”


I returned Matt’s question, to which he responded:

“I do business and relationships better than anyone. I mean, there are guys better
at business and guys better relationally, but no one better than me at both.”


I sat with the answer that I gave Matt for 24 hours, and it began to bring me an overwhelming sense of clarity.

… However, I wanted more.

I asked the same question of five more friends and family members.

“What do you think that I do better than anyone else?”Me

All five people said – more or less – the same thing.
I received the most concise response from my long-time friend and employee:

“You get shit done and make things happen better than anyone I know.”Long-time friend

I sat with that for another 24 hours. The answers moved beyond providing mere clarity and began to bolster my confidence that I am, in fact, good at what the people closest to me said that I am good at.

So, I began to ask myself more questions…

“Why am I doing anything but that?”
“How much of my time do I currently spend doing this?”
“Oh! Others aren’t like me! That explains my frustration with them!” Me

I called Matt back asked him to conduct the same experiment:

“Send your question to five of your closest friends, and see if their answers come back the same.”


I asked my friends Levi and Carl, and my wife Jeanette, to answer the question for themselves. Before that, though, I wrote down what they might say. Here were my best guesses, before talking to any of them:

“I figure stuff out better than anyone.”


“I empathize in my writing better than anyone.”


“I have more discipline than anyone.”


Here are their actual answers:

Carl said,

“I get shit figured out and working.”Carl

Levi said,

“I am an empathetic writer.”Levi

Jeanette said,

“I have willpower and discipline.”Jeanette

Pretty. Dang. Close.

A few nights later, I was at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. My sons favorite band, LANY, was doing a small Q and A and concert for 200 fans. During the Q and A, the band was asked about how they formed.

Paul is the lead singer and he mentioned how great of a drummer Jake was and the success that he was having as a session drummer in Nashville. Paul talked about how he couldn’t book a show to save his life as a solo artist and then said that Jake was living with a few guys and one of them was named Les. Les, Paul, and Jake now make up the band LANY. Lany played 135 shows last year and are about to head off on a world tour for pretty much all of 2019. Paul started talking about how Les was working at the Post Office and then mixing and making music at night after work.

Paul looked at Les and said, “To be honest, Les was sitting on his gifts.”

Les laughed and I smiled and immediately registered the domain name and texted Matt and said, “THAT’S IT!”

Visit Website

When you land on the website’s homepage, you, too, answer the question that Matt first asked me:

What do you do better than anyone else?

The second part of the exercise is for you to send it to five of your friends to get them to answer the question about you. You can tell your friends, “Don’t overthink it, please be honest, and can you answer this one question for me?”

Then you wait.
You wait for CLARITY and CONFIDENCE.