I enjoy creating fun, connecting people and launching products.

“ I am a nine on the quick start for the KOLBE test, and I own more domains than I know what to do with. “

The way my head and brain works is that I head down the path to the finish line within the first conversation or the first moment of a new idea. I see a project, a plan, a website, a ministry, or a product. I think big, but I move fast and know how to bring big ideas to life for a fraction of the budget most people are used to. For me, this has worked itself out inside the ministries and businesses that I run, but then I got tired. I got sick and I almost lost everything. Then I decided to slow down, started using cannabis, moved to the beach and retired from my work as a pastor. I can help you with all that stuff I listed above but I can also help you if you want to learn how to slow down. How to breathe. How to relax. How to surrender. 

I used to spend most days on email and in front of a computer. I have traded that life for a life that deals more with people.


Creating Fun

We enjoy Creating Fun! Fast is fun when it comes to product launches, getting your dreams shipped and creating a conversation. If you want to bring your product to market or if you have an internet-idea, we can get it out to the world. If you are paralyzed by the possibilities, we can identify which option to pursue. If you are two days out or two years out we can help but we work best launching projects to the world in 30 days or less. 


Better & Better

Your one-stop-shop for every resource to build, scale, and grow any online product or internet-based idea you have. You name it. Think of a question. Fill in the blank. We enjoy connecting people. We enjoy seeing people work together. Often, though, instead of just making the hand-off, we end up involved in a lot of these ongoing conversations.

We are a team of experts, professionally versed in every possible skill that you and your organization requires to support your online efforts, and get your ideas off the ground. Put simply: If you’re online, we can help you. Think of us as your general contractor. The general contractor doesn’t build the house, but the team he hires does, and he manages the project to make sure everything gets done and delivered on time, and on budget. We don’t work with just anyone, we only work with the best people and the best talent. Our experts specialize in one area, because that’s what makes an expert, and no one is an expert at everything. Contact us today for a free strategy call and lets see what we can do.

Better & Better


I went through a program recently to get certified to be a “coach.” I realized halfway in that I didn’t want a certification. I am a coach with our without a certification.

It is something inside of me. I have always seen myself as a leader, and especially one who beats to his own drum. One of the best things I have done as a dad was coaching my kids soccer teams. I have coached both kids at different times at least 10 different soccer seasons, three of those being undefeated, thank you. I have been thrown out of three soccer games along the way. Twice I printed undefeated champion T-shirts before we even won our final game. Luckily, I didn’t have to send those to third world countries like they do when the team loses. We won. Of course we did. I love competition but more than that I do love coaching. Whether that is a game or in life. I believe I can come alongside a limited number of highly motivated individuals who are interested in maximizing their personal, family, and career goals. I don’t have some fancy program set up for this but have some space to come alongside you if we think there is a fit. I have 20 years of experience running a seven figure non-profit organization and four years of running a for profit company. I have been published 13 times, featured in just about every press publication out there, and have been married 20 years raising two teenagers. The work that I am able to do with you I would describe as coaching, counseling, and strategic planning.  Jeanette and I also work with couples if you are interested in that…that is way more fun.


Private Workshop

I can spend 4-hours, 10-hours or 2-days with you working, dreaming, and coming up with a plan for you personally, with your family, or career.

It is hard how to explain what happens in these types of meetings, so I will post a few recent emails from some friends who have done this with me. I have a space in Huntington Beach, CA with a conference room and hotels across the street that makes this pretty easy if you come to me. I am willing to travel to you if needed, but the easiest option is if you come to Southern California.


What Others Say

For 4 hours, Craig dove into every aspect of my business and immediately saw unique opportunities for how to take it to the next level. It was amazing to witness and incredibly energizing to experience. His insights ran the gamut from top level funnel strategies to detailed customer engagement ideas. What impressed me the most was Craig’s ability to identity additional market opportunities and outline how to validate and quantify them in a purposeful and authentic manner. He wrapped up the session with an organized outline of very specific next steps. I’m actively working on my business with both a whole new mindset and a focused path to make these new ideas become reality. He is brilliant. What’s extraordinarily unique about him is his total lack of pretense and ability to identify, almost instantly, what the big picture opportunities and issues are you need to address to improve and scale your business. He is genuinely interested and engaged in YOUR business from the moment you begin. I have over 25 years of business experience and working with Craig was the most fun, most strategic and most energizing experience I’ve had in a long, long time. It’s immediately apparent that he loves doing this type of deep dive, business strategy and implementation work.

Anne Lafollette

I’ve been trying think about how to explain what you did for me the other night, but in reality it started a few years ago. Most times when I would go with you in January, you would always have the state of the union address with me. You would ask what am I most passionate about, what do I love doing, and if I am doing that in my life.That was a first. Putting into words of what do I love to do? You would share with me legit ways to reach those goals, and most of the time those goals were shot down, or I would say fear came creeping in. I really believe to take the next step in most things you have to jump into the unknown. I REALLY like to be safe when it comes to my career, and in the past there were so many good things that kept me from making any kind of leap. It became so clear,, one month after having my second child, that it was the time to quit my job. Bahahahaha. It hit me so hard when I was on the phone with my boss, that I am, in no way, “in the right seat of the bus.” I am not using any of my gifts to their full potential. I knew that I was done, but that’s all that I knew. And then weirdly enough, it seems like when I met with you the other day, that this is exactly where you are at right now. That you have been on your own journey of wanting to do what you love, to see your passions and dreams come true and to make sure that you don’t leave your family to pursue things that God does not have for you. I don’t want to leave my kids everyday, if it’s not what I was put on this planet to do. That’s where you got down to business. You asked me what is great in my job, what brings me life. You asked me what in my job is broken. You asked me how I could see myself helping to repair some of the broken things. It was hours of asking questions, illuminating, and pointed. We ended up with the rough draft of the next couple steps in moving forward. I think that it’s also giving me confidence to be freaking bold in the next steps. It was you helping me to look at a bigger picture, to bring all of those thoughts and hopes together, and I would say speaking encouragement to places where it just had been burnt out of me.

Rachel Ceballos
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